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Service Promise

1. Installation Guidance, Debugging and Acceptance Inspection, Detailed Measures for Ensuring Service Quality
“Customer satisfaction is the best reputation to our work!” To protect your legitimate interest, the company makes solemn commitment besides providing high-quality products:
A. All products sold by the company enjoy one-year free use and life-long service to show the confidence of Longxiang on its products and the pledge to customers.
B. According to the original purchase contract, the buying party enjoys the rights and interests of warranty. Within one year after the products of the company are bought, the company provides warranty, free maintenance service and permanent tracking service for troubles of the products and manufacture.
C. The buyer and the seller should be responsible for:
Responsibility of the seller: The seller is responsible for repair or exchange and should shoulder the fee in case that the product damage is caused by quality problem.

Responsibility of the buyer: In case that the product damage is caused by human factors, misuse, etc., the seller can repair or exchange the products according to the requirements of the buyer any time and the buyer should shoulder the material fee and the transportation fee.

Once you become our customers, Longxiang’s commitment to you will always take effect.

The company has set up professional after-sales service center and professional installation team. It is specialized in handling consultation and complaint of customers and providing maintenance and emergency service professionals provide maintenance service for customers and strive to meet all demands of customers.

I. Pre-sales Service
(1) Professional consultation, on-site mapping, measuring and customization service
(2) Working space plane planning, configuration consultation and suggestion
(3) Free computer-assisted drawing design
(4) Arrange customers to visit the workshop and the exhibition hall and visit the sites of customers if permitted.
(5) Provide product data and picture and special product data for project mating customers
II. Sales Service
(1) Purchase materials and conduct production strictly according to the order requirements of customers and deliver goods on time.
(2) Professional installation personnel perform all-weather assembly according to the standard operational manual and drawing and ensure on-time and high-quality completion. Under special condition, other products can be used for temporary substitution for free.
(3) After installation, perform on-site cleaning and give guidance on product use and maintenance.
(4) The painting equipment of the company cannot be subjected to subcontracting in the production process.
III. After-sales Service
(1) According to the standard released by the State Bureau of Quality Technical Supervision, the company promises to provide one-year guarantee for all painting equipment sold by the company. If there is quality problem in the warranty period, the company will provide free maintenance and exchange the quick-wear parts.
(2) If the customer wants to restructure and relocate equipment or change the arrangement of equipment, the company provides planning and design, and guiding on removing, installation and debugging.
Our party promises to change the product for free unconditionally for problems caused by the self quality of the painting equipment or accessories, ensuring that the project is put into use as scheduled.
2 Warranty Length
One-year warranty and life-long maintenance
3. Service Contents in the Warranty Period
A. The company builds customer files and sends specially-assigned persons to make inspection, inspection tour or telephone return visit irregularly to know about the use state of the products, find out problems and timely solves them.
B. If there is quality problem in the warranty period, the company provides free maintenance, exchange or accessory repair;
C. If the customer wants to restructure and relocate equipment or change the arrangement of equipment, the company provides planning and design, and guiding on removing, installation and debugging. (Ensure stressing on decorum and being polite in the installation and maintenance process).
E. Manufacturer's annual sent technical staff on-site maintenance services.
D. The after-sales hotline is 86-531-83383888. After receiving the complaint and repair notice from the user, the technical department of the company will analyze the quality problem and make response within 24 hours, and the maintenance personnel will arrive on site within 48 hours.

4. Other service content commitment
If the customer wants to change equipment layout or move the equipment, the company provides services such as moving, planning and design, removing, installation and debugging.
Storage: If the customer wants to delay the delivery date, the company will provide storage.
Ensure free maintenance of the goods in the warranty period; after the warranty period, the company only charges cost for repairing and changing accessories.