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I. Enterprise Culture Philosophy:
Dedicated, United, Credible, Excellent

II. Connotation of Enterprise Culture:
Each employee of the enterprise prioritizes devotion to work and all employees make united cooperation, take credit as the survival base of enterprise and take pursuit of excellence as the goal and process of enterprise development.
III. Explanation of Enterprise Culture:
Dedication has always been the traditional virtue of Chinese nation. Zhu Xi in Song Dynasty once said: “Dedicated people refer to those who concentrate on and spare no effort in their career”. Dedicated spirit means cherishing and being loyal to one’s own career and post, having strong occupational pride and sense of responsibility, being based on one’s own work, learning diligently, working hard and being serious and responsible. With dedicated spirit, all people will strive for the common goal of enterprise benefits, producing huge cohesive force and positive working enthusiasm. Under the domination of the dedicated spirit, all staff will give up its own interests and share weal and woe with the enterprise to create a common future.
As the saying “When all people are of one mind, the loess will become gold” goes, unity spirit is an important component of modern enterprise spirit, and the spiritual strength for promoting cohesive force in enterprise and constant enhancing competence. The common point of successful enterprises is that people in the enterprises are united and different departments support each other and make coordinated efforts. United spirit is embodies in that employees make close communication and mutual collaboration with each other, make cooperation with absolute sincerity and trust each other in work, and tolerant each other, care for each other, get along with others harmoniously and pursue the overall performance of the team in life. Between employees and an enterprise, the employees regard the enterprise as “family” and tie their future with the fate of the enterprise and are willing to strive for the interests and goal of the enterprise.
Without credit, an individual cannot survive, an enterprise cannot be prosperous, a government cannot be authoritative and a country cannot be strong. Credit is a kind of national spirit and social responsibility. It is the indispensable moral personality of modern people, the market behavior standard of modern enterprises, the administration behavior standard of government and the rule of international exchange. A harmonious society is a credible society, and credit is the base of the socialist market economy and the base of a harmonious society and a society with rule of law.
Being content with the status quo is the greatest enemy of enterprise development. The only way to sustainable development of the enterprise is being prepared for danger in times of safety and pursuing excellence. With the philosophy, the enterprise will set its own development strategy and be clear about the goal and direction of struggling; with the philosophy, staff will have good mental state, the confidence and courage for overcoming difficulties and the internal motivation for moving forward.