Spraying VOCs waste gas and treatment methods, responding to the key points of the inspector (V)


5.1 automobile manufacturing industry 5.1.1 direct combustion incineration (TNV) technology Chongqing beiqi yinxiang automobile co., ltd. waste gas treatment project 1. waste gas characteristics waste gas comes from organic waste gas generated in the spraying process of automobiles, with an air volume of 20000mh, main components of formaldehyde and benzene compounds, and the concentration of waste gas is 1357 mg/m. 2. Technical Parameters Exhaust Temperature: 30 ℃ Ambient Temperature:-10~45 ℃ 3. Treatment Effect The project adopts direct combustion incineration (TNV) technology to treat organic waste gas. Since its stable operation in 2013, the treatment effect is shown in Table 5.1.1-1 below.