Year-end Inventory: Environmental Protection, Why Is 2017 a High Frequency Word?


Year-end inventory: environmental protection, why became a high-frequency word in 2017? In 2017, the environmental protection industry once became a topic of interest in the industry, and became a high-frequency word that the media rushed to report. Also in 2017, environmental protection is no longer the running and fragile "blue ocean", but has created too many incredible "new normal". Look at this year, the environmental protection industry in the end how to brush the screen, so that all kinds of capital sit up and take a look? Unexpectedly, trillions of investment volume blooming in 2017 environmental protection industry growth is strong. In a series of policy dividends, the market space of trillions of dollars far exceeds the expected target of the industry.

Year-end Inventory: Environmental Protection, Why Is 2017 a High Frequency Word?

In 2017, the environmental protection industry once became a hot topic in the industry and a high-frequency word reported by the media.

Also in 2017, environmental protection is no longer the running and fragile "blue ocean", but has created too many incredible "new normal". Look at this year, the environmental protection industry in the end how to brush the screen, so that all kinds of capital sit up and take a look?

Unexpectedly, trillions of investments are blooming everywhere.

The environmental protection industry grew strongly in 2017. In a series of policy dividends, the market space of trillions of dollars far exceeds the expected target of the industry. The development of a number of sub-sectors is stable and good, with a moderate growth rate.

At the same time, new kinetic energy is cultivated and expanded. The proportion of value added in the emerging strategic sector has steadily increased. With the new economy, new formats and new models coming in, the overall industrial chain of environmental protection is more dynamic and dynamic.

And one of the major problems of the environmental protection industry-the environmental protection project "the country advances and the people retreat", and the trend of low-price competition is effectively controlled. Under the background of increasingly strict PPP model norms, the capacity of broad energy-saving and environmental protection projects highlights the gratifying situation.

Unexpectedly, green manufacturing frequently increases new business cards.

Made in China Rooted in Green in 2017 Continuously Releases Surprises:

On March 21, Fuling, Jiangcheng, famous for pickled mustard tuber, frequently attracted the attention of the energy circle: Fuling shale gas field accumulated more than 10 billion cubic meters of gas supply. Faced with the difficult problem of shale gas production, the "China Plan" has successively formed a technology application system based on comprehensive evaluation, excellent and fast drilling of horizontal wells, staged fracturing gas test of long horizontal wells, test production development and green development.

On the morning of May 18, China's first sea area combustible ice trial production achieved stable gas production for nearly 170 hours, making a historic breakthrough. In the Shenhu waters of the South China Sea, China has successfully used self-developed technology and equipment to safely, environmentally friendly and efficiently mine combustible ice that has been "sleeping" for tens of thousands of years, and laid the foundation for the ultimate realization of seizing future energy.

In mid-October, a breakthrough was made in the research of graphene membrane desalination seawater. I independently proposed and realized the precise control of graphene membrane by hydrated ions, showing excellent ion screening and seawater desalination performance. Since then, the desalination industry, which breaks the technical and cost constraints, will accelerate its widespread application.

Unexpectedly, xiong'an new area "detonated" environmental protection circle

Since April 1, xiong'an new area, known as the millennium plan and national event, came into being. Over the past year, this national-level new area after Shenzhen and Shanghai Pudong has been prosperous. As far as the environmental protection industry is concerned, including enlightenment Sander, Xianhe environmental protection, financial institutions, etc., including urban black and odorous water treatment, hazardous waste treatment, geothermal energy, air pollution control, environmental monitoring and other fields.

Xiongan New area, which carries the positioning of a new engine of regional growth, is not only an important strategic plan for the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, but also a benchmark project for green environmental protection and water-city integration under the new economic normal.

Unexpectedly, the belt and road initiative accelerated "global purchase"

Green industries and technical solutions originating from China are being sown and blossomed everywhere along the "Belt and Road", covering five major areas: water, solid, gas, soil, and noise.

As an important force involved in reshaping the ancient Silk Road, China's environmental protection industry has ushered in a series of policy dividends, capital dividends more than real opportunities triple benefits. From the perspective of the external environment, most of the surrounding areas are emerging economies and developing countries, the environment and ecology are very fragile, and the development of green environmental protection is slow. From the perspective of supply content, with high cost performance, good effect and strong technical practicability, China's environmental protection enterprises have a good foundation for "going out.

According to the latest statistics from the E20 Research Institute, there are currently 44 environmental protection companies in my country that have signed nearly 143 contract orders in 54 countries on six continents, and more than 60% of the orders are distributed in countries along the "Belt and Road. The industry predicts that in the future, including similar investments in countries along the route, the investment scale is expected to exceed US $500 billion per year.

Unexpectedly, new energy vehicles staged a wonderful "counter attack"

At the beginning of the year, the "cliff-like" decline in the production and sales of new energy vehicles is still fresh in my mind, and the "counter-attack" rise of explosive growth is wonderful. According to data from the China Automobile Association, as of November 2017, the national sales of new energy vehicles were nearly 120000, an increase of more than 80% year-on-year.

Domestic institutions believe that the reversal of the new energy vehicle industry chain is the result of the combined effect of fundamentals and policies. From a fundamental point of view, my country's new energy vehicles have strong resilience, independent brands have gradually formed a high value, and public supporting service facilities have been accelerated; from a policy point of view, the two ministries and commissions have issued a new "double points" for new energy vehicles. The formation mechanism of the sector has introduced low-carbon and energy-saving development guidelines to guide the market situation to a certain extent. It is expected that new energy vehicles will maintain a steady growth trend of two-wheel drive in the future.

Unexpectedly, environmental supervision and law enforcement is not "the most stringent", only more stringent.

Since January, the policy of building a legal force for environmental protection has been released in a series (including top-level design and local policies).

The results of the supervision of the central environmental protection inspector are obvious. Judging from the law enforcement list of multiple batches of environmental protection "imperial envoys", the environmental governance process in 31 provinces across the country has gone further, and many prominent environmental diseases and pollution dead spots have been effectively curbed.

From the path point of view, many rounds of environmental protection law enforcement tend to be fine and strict, the scope from the first-tier cities, gradually sinking to the 2. third-tier cities that still need attention.

Unexpectedly, Ta flying in the capital outlet

From the third-party governance, PPP mode, to intelligent environmental protection, recycling of renewable resources, rural sewage treatment, etc., a large number of suction projects have been born, greatly improving the quality of environmental governance, at the same time, the above sub-sectors have also become the capital outlet of the environmental protection industry in 2017.

At the same time, the industry waves. Only in the water environment management, air pollution prevention and control, solid waste treatment industry has emerged a number of shuffling tide. The industry generally predicts that the future environmental protection industry should be both development and standardization. According to authoritative media reports, my country's environmental protection industry will continue to maintain an average annual growth rate of about 25% in the next few years. By 2020, the scale of the environmental protection industry will reach an astonishing 17 trillion yuan, and it is expected to become an emerging pillar industry.

Unexpectedly, in fact, environmental protection can also overtake corners

Public opinion believes that today's environmental protection is not only "straightened", but also intended to "win the future".

Through all-round and three-dimensional environmental governance, singing a strong green voice, proposing intelligent manufacturing plans, and contributing to low-carbon sources, the importance of the environmental protection industry has long been self-evident. Almost at the same time, environmental governance is cutting into public life from the perspective of "overlooking", becoming an indispensable development background in the new economic normal. There are too many did not expect ...... After the industrial barbaric environmental protection ushered in a new stage of high-quality growth; environmental governance industry's high-spirited posture frequently "dominate the list" of capital markets, these eye-catching report cards once again refreshed the public's understanding of environmental protection.

Today, the innovative power of overtaking in corners has made environmental protection a continuous concern from all walks of life. Great, word is environmentally friendly!