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Classifications of spray booth

Classifications of spray booth

It is easy to see that painting and baking are the basic functions for a spray booth . Spray booths are widely used in painting and baking for automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, metals, furniture, FRP products and chemical industry etc . Followings are the classifications for common spray booths:
1.According to the airflow direction:
Crossflow type: the airflow goes through from one side to another  side in horizontal direction.
Characters: it is easy to install with a lower cost .
2. Semi-Undershooting type with side discharging:
The airflow goes though the ceiling and discharge from the root of  the wall panel.
Characters: this kind of spray booth can wipe  off most of the painting  most by keep the moist away from the car body.
3. Full-Undershooting type:
The airflow goes though the ceiling and discharge from the root of  the grille  bottom.
Characters: this kind of spray booth can wipe off the painting most which can supply an ideal painting and baking space.
II. According to the heating resources:
Such as diesel, electrical heating,  steam, infrared ray , used oil and  natural gas heating etc.
III. According to dealing ways of the painting moist
Such as dry and wet (with water)type.
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