Catalytic combustion equipment: scope of application and performance characteristics


Catalytic combustion equipment: scope of application and performance characteristics

Catalytic combustion equipment uses the advantages of activated carbon adsorption, hot air desorption and catalytic oxidation of three organic waste gas purification processes, and effectively combines them to use the micropores and huge surface tension of activated carbon to adsorb the organic solvent in the waste gas, thereby making the waste gas The exhaust gas is the working process of purification; after the activated carbon is saturated by adsorption, the organic solvent adsorbed on the activated carbon is removed by hot air according to a certain concentration ratio, and fed into the catalytic combustion equipment as the second process. The high concentration organic waste gas entering the catalytic combustion bed passes through. After further heating, the oxygen is decomposed under the action of the catalyst and converted into CO2 and H2O. The heat generated by the decomposition is recovered by a high-efficiency heat exchanger and used to preheat the high-concentration organic exhaust gas entering the catalytic combustion equipment as the third process. The above three processes reach self-equilibrium after operation. In a certain period of time, the desorption and catalytic oxidation decomposition processes can achieve low power or no power operation without external energy heating.

scope of application of catalytic combustion equipment:

Activated carbon adsorption and catalytic combustion device. The purification device is mainly used to purify the volatilized and leaked harmful exhaust gas, and eliminate the peculiar smell in paint, paint, household appliances, shoes, plastics and various chemical workshops. It is most suitable for low concentration (≤ 200mg/ m3) organic waste gas which is not suitable for direct combustion or catalytic combustion and recovery treatment, especially the treatment place with large air volume, and can obtain satisfactory economic and social benefits.

Performance characteristics of catalytic combustion equipment:

Energy saving: Catalytic combustion equipment is the most advanced waste gas treatment equipment at this stage. Catalytic combustion devices have a high efficiency in treating exhaust gases. Moreover, since the catalytic combustion equipment has a heat exchange system, the heat can be firmly locked, thereby achieving the purpose of energy saving.

2. Save labor costs: Catalytic combustion equipment is an intelligent device that can be controlled independently. The equipment does not require special care and maintenance

3. Easy to operate, safe and reliable: The catalytic combustion equipment has a set of intelligent electronic control system, which can be intelligently controlled according to the equipment manual. In addition, the catalytic combustion equipment has monitoring alarm devices and explosion-proof measures, which can greatly improve its safety performance.