Advantages and scope of application of RCO catalytic combustion equipment products


Advantages and scope of application of RCO catalytic combustion equipment products

The RCO catalytic combustion equipment can concentrate the organic waste gas with high air volume and low concentration into the waste gas with small air volume and high concentration by adsorbing activated carbon, and then enter the RCO device for treatment, while saving the operating cost. After the exhaust gas is collected, it is pretreated before entering the activated carbon adsorption unit. The residence time of the gas in the activated carbon bed, the VOC in the gas is adsorbed on the surface of the activated carbon, and the clean gas can be directly discharged through the induced draft fan after being discharged from the activated carbon bed.


After the exhaust gas is treated by the RCO catalytic combustion device, the clean gas is used as desorption air after heat exchange to a certain temperature. It is desorbed through a bed of activated carbon. The concentrated organics desorbed from the activated carbon adsorption unit enter the RCO unit and are burned by the noble metal catalyst. Decomposition, the decomposition temperature is 200-250 ℃, the organic waste gas is decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, after the waste gas desorption and decomposition is completed, it is discharged into the chimney to meet the emission standard.


The product features of RCO catalytic combustion equipment are:


1. It can remove a variety of organic pollutants at the same time, with simple process flow, compact equipment and reliable operation.


2. High purification efficiency, up to more than 95%.


3. The use of special shaped honeycomb activated carbon as the adsorption material, the adsorbent life is long, the adsorption system resistance is small;


4. The operating cost is low, and the heat recovery efficiency can reach more than 95%.


5. No waste water will be produced in the whole process, and the purification process will not produce secondary pollution, such as NOX.


Catalytic combustion equipment is a kind of organic waste gas treatment equipment, which is composed of activated carbon adsorption, desorption and catalytic combustion. The equipment used on an industrial scale includes: tanneries, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, rubber plants, painting and baking houses, flavoring plants, plastic plants. Our catalytic combustion equipment can be used in foundry, refinery, printing and spraying plant, paint, slaughterhouse, garbage disposal station, etc