Environmental protection paint room common waste gas treatment methods


Environmental protection paint room common waste gas treatment methods

Due to the environmental protection paint room in the construction process will produce a certain amount of waste gas, but in order to ensure the environmental performance of the paint room, we need to deal with the waste gas in time to prevent the leakage of waste gas, causing environmental pollution. It will also affect the effect of environmental protection paint room.

1. Water-based environmental protection box waste gas treatment method: The advantage is that water resources are easily available and can be reused after filtration and precipitation, which greatly reduces the waste of water resources. Because of its high efficiency, it is usually used as a pretreatment for waste gas treatment.

2. Activated carbon environmental protection box waste gas treatment method: paint room activated carbon adsorption of organic gases, and hot air to make activated carbon saturated for desorption regeneration.

3. Condensation recovery method: the exhaust gas is directly condensed by adsorption or condensed after condensation, and the condensate is separated to recover valuable organic matter. This method is suitable for the treatment of waste gas with high concentration, low temperature and small air volume.

4. Absorption method: The physical absorption method is to select a liquid absorbent with less volatility, which has a high affinity with the absorbed component. After the absorption is saturated, it is heated, analyzed and cooled before being used.

5. No pump water curtain, activated carbon environmental protection box, UV photo oxygen catalytic treatment equipment, waste gas treatment method: suitable for high temperature and high concentration organic waste gas treatment, not suitable for low concentration, large air volume organic waste gas treatment.

6. Low-temperature plasma method: wide range of applications, high purification efficiency, especially suitable for multi-component odors and organic waste gas that are difficult to deal with by other methods. The paint room equipment occupies a small area; the operating cost is relatively low; the response is fast and the stop is very fast. Use and open.

Therefore, when dealing with the waste gas of the environmental protection baking room, if you do not understand the treatment method, you can refer to the above method for detailed description. Do not operate blindly, because exhaust gas will pose a certain threat to human health, so avoid operating errors that will affect the use of equipment and environmental protection. If necessary, professionals can be found.