Activated carbon environmental protection box

Activated carbon environmental protection box is a kind of waste gas treatment equipment, which is usually used in combination with other products, and its main function is spray treatment. The paint exhaust gas is produced on the paint workbench where the workpiece is painted. Most of the paint sprayed by high-pressure air remains on the workpiece, and the rest is brought out with the exhaust gas to form paint mist dust. The dust content is not high and the particle size is small, most of which are below 10mm. The paint mist outside the box enters the paint mist purification treatment box under the suction of the fan. The gas-liquid separator performs gas-water separation. After separation, it walks into the box. During the walking process, the paint mist meets the multi-stage filter plate. The particulate dust mist is adsorbed by the filter plate. After the remaining clean exhaust gas is filtered by the filter, it enters the activated carbon adsorption purification box, activated carbon purification box is the use of high-efficiency adsorption material activated carbon adsorption of organic gas has the advantages of strong ability to purify the air. The activated carbon purification box is composed of air inlet, activated carbon filter section and air outlet section. Organic waste gas enters the box body from the air inlet, and the purified standard exhaust gas is discharged into the air through the fan and exhaust pipe.

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